How the system works

From its customers, Klima-Kollekte receives €23 per ton of CO2 emissions that are to be offset. Once the compensation payment has been made, the recognised emission certificates are neutralised in the relevant amount. Each certificate corresponds to one ton of CO2.

The proceeds are used as follows:

Klima-Kollekte purchases CO2 certificates from large projects (>5,000 tons of CO2 saved annually) from the shareholders for €19 per ton.

€1.50 is used to support very small projects as these, although often very expensive in relative terms, are to be supported for development policy reasons – this is because they often take innovative approaches and are based in regions that are relatively new to climate protection projects.

€2.50 is retained by the administrative office for its administrative work, for maintaining and updating the website and CO2 calculator and for PR work and other advertising activities.