Climate friendly website

You would like to have a climate friendly website?
We offer you solutions for your sustainable appearance in the world-wide-web to avoid and reduce emissions. For example with a changeover to a webhosting run with certified eco-power.
We calculate for you the greenhouse gases created by the server and the visit of your website and we offer you compensation by means of our projects.
Klima-Kollekte causes greenhouse gas emissions amounting to 0.18 tons of CO2 with their own website. That corresponds to a compensation amount of 4.14€ which Klima-Kollekte offsets in their own climate protection projects. You can do that as well!
Write us an email with re “website” to and we will contact you immediately.
Here, you find webhosting providers with certified eco-power. Let examples inspire you how it can look like if your homepage is climate-friendly.
Selection of eco-webhosting providers with certified green-power

  1. Avalon: volume of purchased electricity by green power
  2. Biohost: “ by green power
  3. Greensta: “ by Greenpeace Energy
  4. Prosite: “ by “Lichtblick”
  5. Made in Nature (Typo3) “ by “NaturEnergie AG
  6. Teuto: “ by Greenpeace Energy
  7.  Vista Nova Providing Services: volume of purchased electricity by “Schweizer Wasserkraftwerk” (ok power label)