The price for offsetting one ton of CO2 is the cost of implementing the offset project and verifying or externally confirming the emission reductions. The amount of the costs depends on the size of the project, the technology used and the country in which the project is implemented. Prices are also influenced by the trading of certificates on the markets.

Like other suppliers, the Klima-Kollekte charges an average price of 25 euros per ton of CO2, including administrative costs. The office retains 3.00 euros for its administrative and public relations activities. With the means of the education fund, the educational work of the Climate-Collector receives a financial strengthening.

New is the introduction of our Future Fund. In addition, 1.00 Euro from each certificate from the larger projects is used for the Future Fund of the Climate Collective. Due to the Corona pandemic and also due to the restricted travel activities we have to register many project-specific delays. For this reason, the shareholders' meeting decided in November 2022 to suspend the micro-project fund for 2 years. The current income level secures the micro-projects known to us at this time. Nevertheless, we will receive the extra euro: This money will be placed in a separate reserve for investments and as a reserve, so that we are prepared for necessary investments or even financial support that exceeds the current income level of the micro-project fund.

Currently, the Climate-Collection supports four micro or small projects. These are located in Tanzania, Cuba, Uganda and Tanzania. The pre-financing through the micro-project fund amounts to approximately €20,000.00, depending on the project. All projects contribute to energy efficiency or the use of renewable energies. You can find more information directly in the overview of our projects.


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