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Our service

Our CO2 calculator is available online for anyone who is interested in using it. It is based on regularly updated scientific data from the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) and the IFEU Institute. Here, it is possible to calculate the amount of climate-changing emissions generated, for instance, by a flight from Frankfurt to Nairobi – and then to offset these emissions. The customer either receives a printable invoice or pays directly via the KD-Bank’s online system.

If the level of emissions is already known, for instance through an organisation’s internal environmental management system, it can also be compensated without using the CO2 calculator. The direct Compensation tool on the website can be used for this purpose.

The customer pays a specific sum of money for the greenhouse gas emissions that are calculated. Following this, Klima-Kollekte invests this sum in climate protection projects run by its partners for the purpose of offsetting emissions. Focusing primarily on implementing projects in developing countries and Eastern Europe, contributions such as these are used to replace fossil fuel sources with renewable energies or to implement energy efficiency measures
All interested institutions and friends of Klima-Kollekte may wish to use the so-called "offsetting scale". This tool enables people to compare emissions in regard to different means of transport such as traveling by plane, car or public transport. You might want to display the scale for educational purpose or involve guest at a conference in climate related talks. Please give us a call or write an email to and we will send the scale for free.There are no costs for the time that you use the scale, you only need to pay the transport back to our office.

How the system works

From its customers, Klima-Kollekte receives €25 per ton of CO2 emissions that are to be offset. Once the compensation payment has been made, the recognised emission certificates are neutralised in the relevant amount. Each certificate corresponds to one ton of CO2.

The proceeds are used as follows:

Klima-Kollekte purchases CO2 certificates from large projects (>5,000 tons of CO2 saved annually) from the shareholders for €20 per ton.

€1.00 is used to support very small projects as these, although often very expensive in relative terms, are to be supported for development policy reasons – this is because they often take innovative approaches and are based in regions that are relatively new to climate protection projects.

€3.00 is retained by our office for its administrative work, for maintaining and updating the website and CO2 calculator and for PR work and advertising activities.

€1.00 is used for educational work. In order to promote commitment to climate protection and to make people aware of their own carbon footprint, Klima-Kollekte makes its wide range of activities available to you.

Offers for NGOs and companies

You already know your company’s CO2 end result? Then we offer you

  • compensation for the areas of mobility, event, paper, energy and printing
  • offsetting by means of our responsible climate protection projects (Gold Standard for the Global Goals)
  • support to transport this commitment for the sake of climate to your clients
  • introduction in using the CO2 calculator for staff
  • a manual for low-emission events


We are open towards cooperation for climate-friendly eco-fair products or expansion of compensation offers - please tell us about your ideas!

Contact: or +49 (0)30 65211-4001


Offers for your event

More and more often, efforts are made for climate-friendly events; trade fair organizers like “Heldenmarkt” or “Fairgoods” compensate emissions with Klima-Kollekte.
We got together with “KlimAktivgGmbH” (a German non-profit organization) to develop a detailed calculator for emissions due to events. However, there is the principle of avoiding and reducing before compensating.
We enjoy being available for you in advisory capacity in terms of emission reduction at events. Depending on how extensive your event is and what importance climate protection has, we will develop a concept.

Do you want to point to Klima-Kollekte at your event? We would be pleased to send you information. Our CO2 scales could also be an attraction. Moreover, we love to give you advice in advance or during an event. Please contact us:

Offers for church organisations

Within the scope of church climate protection management and our own offer we support you:

  • in calculating the emissions
  • consultatively in reducing emission
  • in calculating emissions of events as for example synods, conferences or church socials
  • in presenting your service for climate with publicity effect
  • with educational opportunities at events or for full-time or honorary colleagues


As ecumenical non-profit ltd we are especially pleased with our partnership with church responsible, and we also have ideas about arranging church services with focus on climate justice and climate protection.

Offers for private persons

You can easily find out emissions of a journey by plane or of power consumption with our calculator and compensate them online or analog. With your own account, you keep an overview over your emissions and the compensation made. We are looking forward to your ideas and feedback. Contact: or +49 (0) 30 65211-4001

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