Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Solarlight inside a house

SMARTD, Lesotho

Women with a new Save-80 Cooker in Lesotho

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Energy-efficient cookstove in Kitui, Kenia

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Cooking with an energy-efficient stove in Kitui, Kenia

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Installation of a biogas plant in Bagepalli, Indien

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Clean cooking using Biogas in Bagepalli, Indien

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

An energy-efficient stove is made out of local material in Kitui, Kenia

Pro Climate International, Kamerun

Wonderbags are introduced in Buea, Kamerun

Offer for church organisations

Within the scope of church climate protection management and our own offer we support you:

  • in calculating the emissions
  • consultatively in reducing emission
  • in calculating emissions of events as for example synods, conferences or church socials
  • in presenting your service for climate with publicity effect
  • with educational opportunities at events or for full-time or honorary colleagues


As ecumenical non-profit ltd we are especially pleased with our partnership with church responsible, and we also have ideas about arranging church services with focus on climate justice and climate protection.

Contact: or +49 (0)30 65211-4001

Calculate and compensate emissions now

Direct compensation

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