Offers for non-governmental organizations and companies

We support you on your way to becoming a climate-friendly company by recording emissions and advising on reduction and avoidance. This can concern your entire CO2 balance, individual products as well as individual areas such as mobility, energy, printing or events. You define the requirements, we take over the calculation if required and support the external communication. In this way, you not only save resources and costs, but also create added value for your marketing as a climate-friendly company.

You compensate unavoidable emissions with the Climate-Collection through high-quality climate protection projects in countries of the global south. Our projects are certified with the Gold Standard for the Global Goals. The climate protection certificates we use for offsetting are listed in the official register of the Gold Standard and can be viewed and verified.

For your offsetting, we will provide you with a certificate of CO2 offsetting as well as a donation receipt and provide you with our annual report.

You can point out your climate-friendly activities with the climate-friendly logos of the Klima-Kollekte. These are available for offsetting the unavoidable emissions of your business or organization as well as for CO2 offsetting in the areas of printing, mobility, website, events and shipping.

We are open towards cooperation for climate-friendly eco-fair products or expansion of compensation offers - please tell us about your ideas!
For companies, you will find information of the “International Panel on Climate Change’s” fifth progress report here. (UNIPCC)
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