Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Solarlight inside a house

SMARTD, Lesotho

Women with a new Save-80 Cooker in Lesotho

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Energy-efficient cookstove in Kitui, Kenia

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Cooking with an energy-efficient stove in Kitui, Kenia

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Installation of a biogas plant in Bagepalli, Indien

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Clean cooking using Biogas in Bagepalli, Indien

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

An energy-efficient stove is made out of local material in Kitui, Kenia

Pro Climate International, Kamerun

Wonderbags are introduced in Buea, Kamerun

offers for NGOs and companies

You already know your company’s CO2 end result? Then we offer you

  • compensation for the areas of mobility, event, paper, energy and printing
  • offsetting by means of our responsible climate protection projects (Gold Standard)
  • support to transport this commitment for the sake of climate to your clients
  • introduction in using the CO2 calculator for staff
  • a manual for low-emission events


We are open towards cooperation for climate-friendly eco-fair products or expansion of compensation offers - please tell us about your ideas!
For companies, you will find information of the “International Panel on Climate Change’s” fifth progress report here. (UNIPCC)
Contact: or +49 (0) 30 65211-4001

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