Energy-efficient cookers in India

Over 61% of Rajasthan’s territory is desert. The women living there cook with traditional stoves. This gets more difficult day by day because the collection of wood requires increasingly more time since the stretches to the forests are getting longer. Furthermore the women and their daughters suffer from the smoke that comes off the fire and harms their respiratory system and irritates the eyes. So the aim of the project is to reduce the use of wood by replacing traditional stoves with energy-efficient cookers. As a result of the project, 18.500 households will stop using the traditional stoves and received the energy-efficient Greenway cookers. With the Greenway-cooker, a family needs approximately 67, 5 % less wood than before.

Advantages of the energy-efficient cookers:

Through the reduced demand of wood and the decreased deforestation the desert will no longer widen out as rapidly as before. Also the cookers produce less smoke when firing the wood, so less respiratory system problems are reported and emissions can also be reduced. Moreover new jobs are created due to the production and maintenance the cookers.

Project country

India, India

Project type

energy efficiency

Contribution to the SDG

our partner

UUIPC is a social enterprise that was foundes by the Indian NGO Sevar Mandir. The objective of UUIPC is to support rural households through innovative, climate friendly techniques and therefore better their living standards. The usage of energyefficent cook-stoves shows one way besides others to fullfill this objective based on an environmental friendly method. Especially women benefit from UUIPC's efforts since their skilss are strenghtened and enhanced through capacity building. Further information is available online

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