RDIS, Ruanda

energy-efficient cook stoves and drinking water filters

In the Southern Province of Rwanda, the majority of the residents lack access to good electricity and energy connection. For this reason, most households cook on open fire places using coal or firewood. Apart from high deforestation rates in order to meet the wood demand, the open fires, soot particles and smoke lead to accidents and respiratory and eye illnesses especially among women and girls.  

Further more high time and energy effort is associated with collection of firewood. Water in this region is also not always fit for consumption without first boiling or filtering it to eliminate harmful germs. To counter this problem of health and a time consuming purification process which people do not always do, 6,000 energy efficient cook stoves and filters are to be distributed to the households over a period of two years.

Advantages of the energy efficient cook stoves

Families will save up to 45% of energy compared to the open fire places, resulting in time and financial savings. The reduced demand for wood will subsequently lead to reduced deforestation rates therefore to climate protection. The cook stoves being more efficient lead to time saving by about 24% which allows families and especially women involved in household chores to invest the time in alternative activities of their choice. The recession of smoke leads to improved health as women inhale less of the particles. Additionally the water filters save CO2 emissions as water no longer needs boiling before consumption. However due to the difficulties to calculate time used for boiling water, the filters are not included in the CO2 emissions reduction. 

Project country

Rwanda, Rwanda

Project type

energy efficiency

Contribution to the SDG

our partner

Rural Development Interdiocesan Service (RDIS) is an organization that promotes sustainable development measures in four dioceses of the Anglican Church in Rwanda namely: Butare, Cyangugu, Kigeme and Shyogwe. The organization raises awareness and mobilizes the local residents to sustainably develop their communities and reduce their poverty rates.


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