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energy-efficient cook-stoves in Kenya

Energy-Efficient cooking-stoves in Kenya

One quarter of the Kenyan population work in mixed farming for a living and therefore rely on healthy environmental conditions. Climate change, deforestation and the depletion of natural recourses puts their lives and also food security in danger. The cooking with open fires further contributes to this danger. Because of the intense use of wood, deforestation is increasing and the produced smoke causes pulmonary diseases. In Kenya it is approximated that 20.000 people each year due to related illnesses. Furthermore the open cooking fires often get out of control causing domestic accidents.

In the rural region Kitui the Caritas Kitui , which are partners of the Swiss relief organization Fastenopfer, teach craftspeople how to build and maintain energy-efficient cooking-stoves. Besides cement, the cooking-stoves are mainly built of local materials like clay bricks, sand and concrete. Fastenopfer buys the cement and the families provide the local materials and pay the craftspeople. The project’s aim is to build 17.000 cooking-stoves by 2020.


With the energy-efficient cooking-stoves the families can cut their use of wood by up to 50% and the time of collecting the wood can be reduced by 93 hours in a year. If the families buy the wood for the stoves they can save approximately 52 USD. Also deforestation is reduced and the risk of pulmonary diseases and fire accidents can be eased down as well. The farmer Agnes Gathigia from the village Thegu in Nyeri confirms this: “The cooking-side needs less wood and I have less costs. The cooking-stove is safer, produces a nice warm temperature and there is no heavy smoke any more.”

The project is certificated by Gold Standard (VER) and set up for seven years. With the cooking-stoves a total amount of 90.156 t CO2 can be saved.

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Kenya, Kenya

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energy efficiency

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Fastenopfer is the Aid Organization of the Catholic Church in Switzerland. The organization is especially dedicated to the service of the less privileged in the society, with works towards a more just, hunger and poverty free world. The programs and projects of the organization in developing countries are geared towards long term partnership such as the one in Kenyas Kitui  County.



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