Cooking-bags in Cameroon

In the west and the southwest of Cameroon infrastructural facilities are rare. In the countryside and the suburban areas the inhabitants face limited access to electricity. Therefore they use wood for cooking.  As a consequence the wood needs to be carried long ways. Furthermore smoke production caused by the traditional fire-sides lead to health-related issues of the small holders.  The climate change and the depletion of natural resources additionally put the people’s lives in danger due to potential food shortages.

The partner organization Pro Climate International (PCI) developed   an innovative climate protection project to face these challenges: 6.000 families receive an energy-effective cooking-bag each called “Wonderbag”. With these 60% of wood can be saved. This it how it works: The food gets normally cooked on the hob and the hot pot is then placed into the bag which gets closed after that. Because of the isolation of the Wonderbag the heat is enough to refine the food. In 2016 the acceptance and manageability of the coking-bags were tested and rated positive by the users.

Advantages of the energy-efficient cooking-bags:

With the energy-efficient cooking-bags families need 60% less wood for cooking and so the project supports the reduction of further deforestation. Moreover the cooking itself and the collection of wood demands less time and the women can use this time for other activities outside their houses like income generation activities. The Wonderbags are produced locally by PCI trained sewers. Through the new jobs the project also supports poverty reduction. 

Project country

Cameroon, Cameroon

Project type

energy efficiency

Contribution to the SDG

our partner

Pro Climate International is a Cameroonian non-profit association created in 2009. It has a double mission to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere while improving living conditions of underprivileged people. Each of our projects has an environmental and social wing. While promoting the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in rural and urban households of Cameroon, we are also educating the local population on the best ways to preserve nature. We are Pro Climate but particularly Pro Humanitarian.

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