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energy efficiency

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energy saving cook-stoves in Bangladesch

Situation in the south of Bangladesh

Climate change is threatening people and nature in Bangladesh. To support the population in their adaptation to climate change it is necessary to strengthen the livelihoods of low-income families.

More than 90% of households in Bangladesh cook on inefficient stoves that rely on firewood. This emits a considerable amount of greenhouse gases. The smoke also causes respiratory diseases and it happens often, that family members to burn themselves on the fire. Children in particular are at risk when families cook on open fires.

In 2009 the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB), partner organization of Bread for the World, launched a special program for climate protection and initiated a climate protection project together with a village committee in the districts of Barguna and Bagerhat in the south of Bangladesh.

Advantages of the energy-saving stoves

Innovative climate solutions and the dissemination of climate-friendly technologies should help to reduce fuel consumption and improve the health situation of women and children. In order to save firewood, households in the region obtain energy-saving stoves.

CCDB and the families in the region design and manufacture the stoves. To ensure that the households actually really use the stoves, CCDB consulted women during the development process and involved them in the testing phase of the prototypes. The CCDB uses the knowledge gained to improve the stoves.

In addition, a training and maintenance service takes place in the respective communities, where experts show the local population how to install and maintain the stoves independently. About 100 people have been hired for the installation, instruction and subsequent checks. Women are responsible for grinding individual parts in the manufacturing process.

A stove costs about 16 euros and families make themselves a contribution of 5 euros. The energy-saving stoves require 70 to 80 percent less firewood for cooking. Each stove saves 3.27 t CO2 per year. Women and girls who traditionally are responsible for providing firewood have to go out into the forest to collect wood much less frequently.

The climate protection project in Bangladesh makes an important contribution to poverty reduction and promotes gender equality in addition to the CO2 savings.

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