renewable energy with biogas in India

The people in the district of Kolar cook with traditional stoves using expensive wood as well as toxic kerosene. The region is dry. 69% of the precipitation is during the monsoon-period. Most of the forest is already cut down and just 17 % is still wooded.

25 years ago farmers with little income founded the Bagepalli Coolie Sangha (BCS) organization. In 915 villages 38.615 families organize to so called Coolie Sangha forces which speak up to protection, identity and support of their members. Together with the local organization Agricultural Development and Training Society (ADATS) the Coolie Sangha Organization builds 18000 digesters with a capacity of 2m3 for the families in the county side. They are manufactured with local materials and filled with agricultural waste, mostly cow dung. The households use the generated biogas for cooking and the leftover byproduct as fertilizer on the fields.

Advantages of the digesters 

Due the use of the digesters, the production of soot particles is reduced and the animal agricultural waste is not disposed of in the backyard or the streets, also the health problems of the families decrease. The women require less firewood for the fires because the biogas is three times as effective as wood fire. Thus the women also save time and money as they no longer require wood or  the expensive kerosene. The digesters produce nutrient-rich dung as a side product which contributes to a good quality of the soil. Furthermore the construction and maintenance of the digesters creates new jobs.

Certification with the Fairtrade Climate-Standard

This project of the longtime Klima-Kollekte-partner ADATS (Agricultural Development and Training Society) is the fourth project world wide which is certificated with the Fairtrade-Climate-Standard. This new and innovative standard was developed by Fairtrade International and Gold Standard to support crofters and communities in the countryside to produce Fairtrade Carbon Credits as well as an access to the compensation market.  Due to the Fairtrade-Climate-Standard, the producers earn a minimum price for each certificate. Per certificate the villages also receive a Fairtrade-bonus for the climate-protection investment in each village.

Project country

India, India

Project type

renewable energy

Contribution to the SDG

our partner

ADATS is a secular Non Government Organisation (NGO) working in 1,252 villages in 5 Taluks of Chickballapur District, Karnataka, for the past 41 years, since 14 December 1977. ADATS is a comprehensive rural development organisation working in the fields of Community Organisation, Adult Literacy, Children’s Education, Community & Referral Health, support to issues and struggles with Legal Aid & Aid Distress, Dry Land Development, Agriculture, alternate Credit, Women’s Programmes, etc. We also work on issues of gender justice, secularism and democratisation. All these are efforts to empower the Coolie caste-class in village society, and build an authentic people’s organisation, the Coolie Sangha, at the Village, Gram Panchayat and Taluk levels. The Coolie Sangha is a membership based people’s organisation comprising of small and poor peasant families who struggle to rid themselves of Ryot exploitation and take control of their own lives in order to undertake grassroots planned development activities.



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