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renewable energy through biogas in India

The people in the district Anantapur are strongly threatened by droughts and the natural resources of the country are almost exhausted. 98% of the locals living in the countryside cook with stoves made out of clay and use wood to fire the stoves.
The aim of the project partner SEDS is to support the poor community members by building bio digesters. Every family with cattle receives a 2m3 digester which is build of local materials and works with organic waste like cow dung.  The produced biogas can be used for cooking and warming up water. The biogas replaces the fire in the traditional stoves with firewood or toxic kerosene. 5.000 families in 121 villages are participating in this project.

Advantages of the digesters

With the support of the project natural resources are saved, further deforestation is prevented, and the unhealthy emissions from the fire are omitted. This increases the well being of the women who are normally in charge of the cooking. Furthermore women and children can save time by not collecting wood any more.  Also the soot particles, produced by the fire, can be avoided and so the air quality in the houses as well as the people’s state of health improved. Because biogas produces three times more heat than wood the time used for cooking is reduced and therefore mothers have more time for the care of their children. With the digesters the families have a safe energy supply and the waste products can be used as nutrient-rich dung for the fields. Moreover new jobs were created for setting up and maintaining the digesters.

Project country

India, India

Project type

renewable energy

Contribution to the SDG

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The Rural Environment and Development Society (REDS) is a  Non Profit Organization in the City of Penukonda  in the Andhra Pradesh State. The organization has been involved in initiatives that initiate social change and support  rural development in the region.




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