Iglesia Luterana, Nicaragua

energy-efficient cook-stoves in Nicaragua

One third of the tropical-forest in Nicaragua, the poorest country in the Caribbean, was logged down for meadows and agricultural areas. The biologist Dr. Wilfried Leupolz from the German society for international cooperation (GIZ) warns: “If the deforestation like that is ongoing there will be no tree left in 30 years.” Water deficiency is one of the deforestation consequences because the groundwater table is falling. Because of the climate change also the dry season is getting longer.

In the countryside open fires for cooking are usual. Sometimes even in the cities. Each family uses approximately 14, 4 kg firewood a day. Beside of the exhausting collection of wood the open fireplaces are extremely harmful to health.

Advantages of the energy-efficient cook-stoves

On average a household uses 6 kg less wood which also works against the local deforestation. Besides avoiding deforestation and emissions, smoke production is reduced and the women’s burden of collecting wood is eased. Now the women can invest this time in engaging with their children or working on fields with their families.

Furthermore the soot particles resulting from the firing of wood are reduced. By that, the air quality in the houses improves and thus the state of health in the families increases. Positive side effects are new jobs in building and maintaining the cooking-stoves. The duration of the project is seven years and it is Gold Standard certified. The project saves 678 t CO2 per year.


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Nicaragua, Nicaragua

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energy efficiency

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our partner

Mission Eine Welt is the Centre for Partnership, Development and Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. The center fosters relations with Lutheran partner churches in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Region. In addition, the center carries out educational missions in Germany as part of its development policy. In the scope of its cooperation, Mission eine Welt together with the Lutheran Church of Nicaragua „Fe y Esperanza“ de Nicaragua (ILFE) brought this project to life.

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