Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Solarlight inside a house

SMARTD, Lesotho

Women with a new Save-80 Cooker in Lesotho

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Energy-efficient cookstove in Kitui, Kenia

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Cooking with an energy-efficient stove in Kitui, Kenia

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Installation of a biogas plant in Bagepalli, Indien

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Clean cooking using Biogas in Bagepalli, Indien

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

An energy-efficient stove is made out of local material in Kitui, Kenia

Pro Climate International, Kamerun

Wonderbags are introduced in Buea, Kamerun

Avoiding, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions

Klima-Kollekte is a carbon-offsetting fund operated by Christian churches in Germany and other European countries. Klima-Kollekte provides opportunities for offsetting the unavoidable emission of greenhouse gases. The process is accomplished through projects concerning emissions reduction while using renewable energies or energy efficient methods. The project implementation is the responsibility of our partners and funding organisations: MISEREOR, Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service, German Caritas Association e.V., the Protestant Church in Germany, the Swiss relief organization Fastenaktion, the Protestant Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, HORIZONT3000, the Missionary Childhood Association `Die Sternsinger`, Mission EineWelt, the United Protestant Mission and Nordkirche Weltweit. Climate-protection projects overseen by Christian organisations or their partners are carried out in developing and emerging countries only.

In this regard, Klima-Kollekte benefits above all from its ties with churches, having worked for many years on an equal footing with project partners in developing countries. Together with them, the organisation has implemented sustainable climate protection projects that are geared towards combating poverty.
In view of this, Klima-Kollekte aims above all to involve organisations, communities, parishes and individuals from church-related areas in their efforts to offset CO2 emissions. True to the guiding principle of “Avoid, reduce and compensate”, it works to offset unavoidable emissions.

In June 2011, the fund was entered into the commercial register as a not-for-profit limited company.

Use our calculator to generate your carbon emissions and offset them with us.


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About Klima-Kollekte

supports you to offset your carbon emissions.

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Our projects

Our projects

support climate protection as well as poverty reduction in their particular localities.

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