Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Solarlight inside a house

SMARTD, Lesotho

Women with a new Save-80 Cooker in Lesotho

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Energy-efficient cookstove in Kitui, Kenia

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

Cooking with an energy-efficient stove in Kitui, Kenia

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Installation of a biogas plant in Bagepalli, Indien

Christoph Püschner, Brot für die Welt

Clean cooking using Biogas in Bagepalli, Indien

Louis Nderi, Fastenopfer

An energy-efficient stove is made out of local material in Kitui, Kenia

Pro Climate International, Kamerun

Wonderbags are introduced in Buea, Kamerun

About us

Klima-Kollekte is a CO2 compensation fund of Christian churches in Germany. As a completion to existing offsetting offers, Klima-Kollekte wants to gain organizations, institutes, communities and private persons for offsetting inevitable greenhouse gas emissions. What is to emphasize is that offsetting of CO2 emissions is realized by climate protection projects of church organizations or their partners in developing countries. Klima-Kollekte benefits from their linkage to churches: thus, longtime evenly relations to project partners in countries of the South can be used.
Klima-Kollekte was founded as non-profit Ltd. All organizations participating are associates of the non-profit Ltd in equal shares.
As of 1st January 2011, the registry Klima-Kollekte started its work and is established close to the Protestant association for social welfare and development in Berlin. Klima-Kollekte is controlled by the associates’ assembly which also decides about the choice of projects. The FEST in Heidelberg provides scientific support.


Klima-Kollekte - Kirchlicher Kompensationsfonds gGmbH

Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 1

10115 Berlin


phone +49 (0)30 65211 4001

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